Top Five things to do in Mallorca

Have you ever been to Mallorca? Are you planning your summer holidays and you have in your mind visiting this island? Well, I guess that if you’ve never been there, probably you are now thinking about beaches and calas all of them with their white sands and blue and turquoise waters that reminds everyone of paradise and the Caribbean. You are right and let me tell you that you are also wrong. Mallorca has lots of possibilities to offer you and it doesn’t mind the kind of trip you are planning. Mallorca has plans for everybody.

Cala Pi in Mallorca, Spain

Cala Pi in Mallorca, Spain

The largest of the Balearic islands is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. If you travel from Europe or Spain, it’s quite easy to get there as you just have to catch a plane at any international airport or national airport if you are travelling from Spain. So, I want to recommend you my personal Top Five things to do in Mallorca. It’s important to take into account that this list is totally subjective and that it’s been elaborated under my own experience in the island. Surely, there are more cool and amazing plans to experience.

Before reading the list, let me give you the following advice: hire a car! or a motorbike if you prefer so. Distances across the island can be long if you don’t have much time and it’s not a good idea to depend on public transport as it doesn’t get to the most idyllic places. Moreover, driving on this island is totally astonishing as the roads are full of varied landscapes and bends that will make the experience totally worth it.

All right. I’ll stop boring you. Here are the Top Five things you can’t miss in Mallorca:

Number five: Palma at night. Nights at the capital city of the island can be really great and long (and short too). It will definitely depend on your party and dancing attitudes. The whole promenade or sea front is full of bars, pubs and clubs that offer you a great atmosphere and good music.

Number four: Sóller. This picturesque village, known for its citrus kitchen gardens, is placed in a fertile valley among the mountains and the sea. The novelist D.H. Lawrence once described this city as one of the most seductive ones in Mallorca as he felt as a bumblebee among the oranges, lemons and grapefruits fields. Nowadays, at summer Sóller is full of tourists who arrive on the old Palma train and come to spend the. Later, after walking along the nice and beautiful streets full of typical shops and local bars, it’s time to catch the Tranvia de Sóller (tramway) direction Port de Sóller, a coastal urban area located at four kilometres of distance. This tramway is one of the oldest ones in Spain still in service as it was inaugurated in 1912.

Tranvia de Sóller in Sóller, Spain

Tranvia de Sóller in Sóller, Spain

Number three: Driving to Cap de Formentor. The dizzy road and the rich landscape that covers this steep area until getting to the cape will make the driving totally worth it as it’s probably the most beautiful route in Mallorca. The itinerary starts at Port de Pollença and after driving for a few  minutes it’s totally inexcusable not making a stop at Mirador de Es Colomer. Here you’ll find a viewpoint where you can observe the incredible views and lean out to look out at the endless sea.

Mirador des Colomer in Mallorca, Spain

Mirador des Colomer in Mallorca, Spain

Once you resume the route, it will take a while to reach the final destination: Cap de Formentor, the northest point of the island. Here is located the Formentor Lighthouse (Faro de Formentor) which started its operations in 1863.

Formentor lighthouse in Mallorca, Spain

Formentor lighthouse in Mallorca, Spain

Number two: Mallorca is a magical place for watching the sunset at any of its many beaches and calas. It doesn’t matter who you are accompanied by. The view of the sun burning is totaly breathtaking and a good moment to get away from problems. Just enjoy it with your family, friends or partner.

Sunset in Mallorca, Spain

Sunset in Mallorca, Spain

Number one: Finally…at the top of the ranking…you can’t leave Mallorca without relaxing and enjoying at Cala S’Almunia and Caló des Moro. Both calas are next to each other and it only takes five minutes to move from one to another crossing an area protected and kept by local volunteers. You’ll definitely realize even more how lucky you are for being able to spend a few hours in such beautiful places. Just breathe and feel the freedom of air and water in your skin.

Cala S'Almunia in Mallorca, Spain

Cala S’Almunia in Mallorca, Spain

Caló des Moro in Mallorca, Spain

Caló des Moro in Mallorca, Spain

This was my Top Five things to do in Mallorca until now. I hope it’s useful for you who are planning to travel to the island. And if you have already been there…what’s your Mallorca Top Five things to do?

Check my Mallorca gallery to see more pictures.

Travel more, know yourself better.

5 responses to “Top Five things to do in Mallorca

  1. Good tips. Spent a lot of time in Mallorca. I always recommend the train from Palma to Soller – but stupidly I’ve never been on it! Everyone loves it though.
    My ex- in-laws had a place in Porto Pollenca so that’s the area I’m most familiar with. The walk from the town through Boquer Valley down to the deserted beach is a favourite. Also love snorkelling at Cala St Vicenc nearby, where it’s easy to find cuttlefish and octopus and even tempt them out with a crushed urchin, just watch out for jellyfish. I even like the tired old hotel and little cafe on the cove there. Driving from there to Deia is a spectacle too and not for the nervous, as with the drive up to cap Formentor.
    Riding your bike up to the watch tower is another highlight if you’ve got the puff!

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