About discoveling

Hi! My name is Marcos. I’m 22 years old and I live in Spain.

This blog is about one of my biggest passions in life: traveling. I don’t have the opportunity to travel quite often, but when I get a chance for it I take the biggest advantage to discover new places, people and cultures. I have always had a special feeling about traveling and it’s something that makes me really happy as a human being and citizen of this wonderful world.

The reason of why I choose discoveling as the name of this blog is quite simple. It’s a blending of two words: discovering and traveling. I don’t know if it is original enough but I think it’s perfect taking into account my tiny imagination ability.

So, I will post articles about the adventures and experiences I live through when traveling. I will try to make them as interesting and possible, giving key information and writing about curiosities as well.

You can find in the main page links to my social newtworks so you can be updated about my adventures. I hope you enjoy as much as I do when I share with you my trips.

Thanks for visiting the blog and feel free to express your opinions and/or suggestions.

Not all who wander are lost

Not all who wander are lost

4 responses to “About discoveling

    • Thank you for your comment! I appreaciate it very much. I don’t know why I chose that name, it just came to my mind suddenly and I decided it was ok for my blog.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. I agree that it’s a great name for a blog! For me, traveling is all about discovering, so the title makes perfect sense. You travel like I do: save up money and vacation time from work until I can finally go. It’s not often, but I make the most out of every chance I get. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I’m happy to be able to see yours.

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  2. Hi Marcos

    Thank you very much for your visit to my blog. I am glad you did that as it introduced me to your world of Discoveling. I truly loved that name, shows your spirit and love for travelling. We will definitely have lots to share. Travel makes us all more beautiful.


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